Some words about me

I love books, with more than 950 physical volumes in my bookshelves and some other 10.000 digital books waiting to be read. From early childhood my main hobby was to read and read and read some more, sacrificing my sleep for it without hesitation , walking on streets with a book in hand, reading while I was supposed to be studying some other stuff, reading on train/plane/car on every trip I went to the abysmal dismay of my parents (take your nose out of that book cause you’ll have no idea where you are and you’ll lose everything worth to be seen) but I regret nothing. And I am pretty sure that I will read until my last breathing day.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered music (classical, blues, jazz, rock, maybe some other stuff in between), movies (no, I don’t like your usual blockbusters and if I manage to see them is years later after the initial hype and it suffice to say that my favorite director is Akira Kurosawa) and art (unfortunately no obvious talent – I can’t even draw an egg – unless staring for minutes and hours to a painting may be counted as a talent). So, because lately I’ve started to use Goodreads and Instagram as tools to have an overview of what I am reading or how much I am reading I’ve decided to unearth my old blog and to restart it from scratch so I can be able to write more than a couple of lines about a book (including spoilers) as I am accustomed on GR or Insta (where no spoilers are present). Not to mention maybe occasionally some thoughts on music or movies or art pending on last-minute inspiration I might have. Also i might publish sometimes photos or even some om my poems written along the years.

I hope that this journey will be kinda interesting. To say the least.

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