50 days before my suicide by Stace Kramer

This is a very hard book to ..digest. And I think that you can read it as a grown adult and trash it because it’s way too unbelievable or you just can remember that once (upon a time) you were a teenager and at that (Middle) age you would have died to do the stuff from this book even if sometimes what was happening there was way too much (we all were teenagers, got drunk, into fights and stupid plots and revenge but from here to kidnapping, secret caves, mobsters, beatings and almost gang-rape and the miraculous escape because a gun and phone are conveniently forgotten in front of one of the kids, all in 3 pages – just…LOL). Also, the book is kinda full of clichés because let’s not forgot that the author is not an American but a Russian teenager and everything she knows about US and high-schools are unfortunately from movies or other books also full of clichés (as a matter of fact I think that Russia as a location could have been much more credible!). Overall after some long almost 700 pages, all I can say is that the book is not bad or that bad and it can be an interesting reading at least as an exercise o see how wild things and imagination can go but for now I prefer to use it to remember my teenage years 🙂

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